Modotti , Tina - PHOTOGRAPHS

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Modotti , Tina - PHOTOGRAPHS


"It is fair to assume that Modotti did not expect that her letters would be kept. Seeing her letters not as documents but as intruments of connection to a cherised friend, she sent them as they came from her pen, full of misspellings and ink blots. What her letterls lacked in polish, they made up for in emotional immediacy. Modotti wrote as she spoke, we suspect, and it is her unadorned personality that lives in her letters sixty years later and still has the warmth and cadence of a voice tha can move us". 


   - Amy Rule, The Archive, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, no. 22, January 1986, "The letters From Tina Modotti to Edward Weston"  





Publisher: Robert Miller Gallery, 1998
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