Childéric , Arnaud & Ohl , Vincent - femmes athlétes new in plastic!

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Childéric , Arnaud & Ohl , Vincent - femmes athlétes


The experience takes on its full meaning when it is transmitted. The entire history of humanity is summed up in this sharing. Through the show, the word, the image, Longitude 181 wants to open spaces where those who explore the world come to transmit their experience. Because they go to the end of themselves, the athletes of the French team explore the frontiers of our possibilities. Each of them has agreed to tell the story, with all the sensuality of her body, of the demand and the determination that she has constantly regained and that carry her beyond the ordinary. The choice and the harmony of the gesture, the determination of the glance, the serenity of the appeased smile, open new horizons. By exposing herself, each one wanted the purity of her testimony to serve Sport without Borders and awaken our enthusiasm to build the future. More than ever, Longitude 181 believes in the need to encourage encounters so that men and women of different origins and cultures can highlight the richness of their diversity by expressing their common passion. By donating the royalties from this book to the association Sport Sans Frontières, Longitude 181 wants to help the most underprivileged to open up to the world. (François Sarano)








Publisher: Marval, 2003
Language: English & French   
ISBN-10: 2862343692
ISBN-13: 9782862343693 
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Dimensions: 34,5x25,5 cm