Niepce , Janine - Les Vendanges New in plastic!!

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Niepce , Janine - Les Vendanges New in plastic!!


Janine Niepce was born on the 12th of February 1921 in Meudon into a family of vinegrowers in Burgundy. She is distant related to Nicephore Niepce

In 1944, Janine Niepce graduated a license for the History of Art and of Archeology at the Sorbonne. At the same time, she developed films for the French Resistance and took part in the liberation of Paris as a liaison officer.

Janine Niepce was one of the first photo-journalists in France. Beginning in 1946 she traveled extensively in France, recording changes in French culture (including the first television in 1963, and the rise of rapid transport) and the contrast between life in the countryside, in the towns, and in the capital, Paris. Then from 1963 she began reporting from further afield in Europe and around the world, including Japan,Cambodia, India, USA, Canada. Dressed like a foreign tourist, she also covered the French events in May 1968.








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