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"I like women so much i like to worship them, to be at their feet. I like to be slapped, whipped, mistreated. It hasn't always been like that. The idea came to me little by little, watching porno I started to fancy the idea of being an object for women, to be used at their convenience."


A Humble Bow
Author: Tomaso Clavarino
Publisher: The Unknown Books
Editing: Fabio Miguel Roque/Tomaso Clavarino
Design: Nicolas Vargas
84 pages
24x17 cm
Printed in Italy
Limited edition of 200 copies
Hard Cover
HP Indigo Print on Garda Pat Kiara 135g


BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, SadoMasochism) is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, roleplaying, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics. For someone BDSM is part of the entire sexuality, for someone is a lifestyle, for others is a form of play. We read a lot about BDSM, but the reality of this “underground” world is pretty much different from what we know from medias. In BDSM the psychological dynamics are often more important than its sexual elements. Domination and submission are physical, for sure, but also, if not primarily, psychological. In the world of BDSM more than sex there is sexuality, explored certainly in unconventional ways, but not to be relegated in the corner of perversion.
Fantasy and humor are the basis of BDSM and many of the practices, that outside a context of full consensuality are commonly treated as sexual violence, become, within this world, a source of mutual satisfaction and stimulation for the construction of a deeper interpersonal relationship. And are these interpersonal relationship, that, A HUMBLE BOW, a two years project, wants to tell. A way to reflect on the territory, often unexplored, intangible, that is the human mind, on the boundaries imposed by society in terms of sex and sexuality. Trying to do so in Italy, a country where sexuality is still lived and seen as a taboo and where practices such as BDSM are often frowned upon and misinterpreted. A HUMBLE BOW is an in depth journey in a dark and unknown piece of Italy, a journey through dungeons, parties, private apartments, houses and BDSM sessions, in a world forced to live in the shadow. A journey for try to understand how sex and sexuality, dynamics of power, violence and sentiments intertwine in human relations.








Publisher: The Unknown Books 
Language: English   
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Dimensions: 16x24 cm