Scheid , Uwe - Das erotische imago ll rare!

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Scheid , Uwe - Das erotische imago ll


Uwe Scheid was a merchant and lived in Überherrn-Berus. He was one of the world's most important collectors of erotic photographic art. In his decades of collecting, he gathered thousands of daguerreotypes and photographs. His Uwe Scheid Collection developed into probably the best known of its kind, as Scheid also made his collection available to the public in many books. The core of his collection was artistic erotic photographs from the period between 1840 and 1940.

Scheid's collection included images by well-known photographers such as Wilhelm Plüschow, Wilhelm von Gloeden, Herbert List, Paco, Edward Steichen, Heinz Hajek-Halke, Erwin Blumenfeld, László Moholy-Nagy, Edmund Kesting, Vaclav Jiru, Pierre Boucher, Lala Aufsberg, Florence Henri, Trude Fleischmann, Gertrude Fehr, Franz Roh, André Kertész, Karel E. Ludwig, Alexander Binder, Bertram Park, Yvonne Gregory, František Drtikol, Karel E. Ludwig, Brassaï, Raoul Hausmann, Willy Zielke, Man Ray, Germaine Krull, John Everard, Rudolf Koppitz, Horst P. Horst, and Studio Keystone.

Scheid was a member of the German Photographic Academy, the European Society for the History of Photography, the Club Daguerre, and the Daguerreian Society.

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