Rutschky, Michael - Mit Dr. Siebert in Amerika new in original paper seal!

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Tegel. Frankfurt / Main. Traveling. Montreal. Lac des deux monday-nes. Traveling. Toronto. Niagara Falls. Saint Catharines. Traveling. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chicago, Illinois. Madison, Wisconsin. Traveling. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Traveling. New York City. - PART TWO - Frankfurt / Main. Washington, D.C. Memphis, Tennessee. Traveling. Oxford, Mississippi. Hollis Springs, Mississippi. Phoenix, Arizona. Traveling. Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam, Arizona / Nevada. San Francisco, California. Stanford University. Traveling. New York City. - PART THREE - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. New York City. White Plains, New York. Rye, New York. Traveling. Montreal. Ottawa. - The well-known Berlin essayist guides you through the United States with words and pictures. We accompany the fictional Dr. Siebert and his equally fictional travel companions from Frankfurt via Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Washington, Oxford, Phoenix, White Plains to Montreal etc. And more and more it seems to us that the sometimes learned, sometimes poetic, sometimes obscene legends come from our own Imagination. Rutschky leads the reader into the intermediate area between reality and daydreaming imagination, in which every really exciting journey moves: a literary travelogue in words and pictures - a picture-text novel!


Hardcover : 250 pages

ISBN-13 : 9783905080124

Dimensions : 25.4 x 3.18 x 32.39 cm

Publisher : Der Alltag

Language: : german 

new in original paper seal!