Rheims Bettina - Can you find happiness

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Since the early 1980s, Bettina Rheims has been the most sought-after French photographer. From her very beginnings, the female body has been the central focus of her work. Her unusual and provocatvie portrais and nude images each reveal a hidden part of the subject. She regularly caused stirs with projects such as Chambre close (1992), the story of a Paris voyeur watching women in hotels; KIM, a documentary on a transsexual; I.N. R. I. (1999), a sequence on the life of Christ, Shanghai (2004), featuring women in the midst of a powerful cultural, economic and spiritual evolution, and, most recently, Heroines (2006). This volume is a Best of survey of Bettina Rheims' photographic oeuvre of 30 years


softcover : 135 pages

ISBN-13 : 9783829603645 

Dimensions : 22 x 26.5 x 1 cm


Language: : English