Renzo, Patrizio di - PORTRAITS OF ILLUSIONS new in seal!

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The Mysterious Worlds of Patrizio Di Renzo

Eight short stories, unfold across these pages and each has its own inherent motif, form and rhythm. Each series wears a particular color, as if the book housed a confrontation of different styles, as if the photographer were trying out different styles or writing.

Patrizio Di Renzo key concern is to spirit the viewer of his images into another universe, far from the real, from the everyday. Patrizio Di Renzo uses photography to say something other than what is usually says, and above all to undertake journeys into the imaginery, into the beyond.


hardcover : 276 pages

ISBN-13 : 9782843236945

Dimensions :  31 x 37.5 x 3 cm

Publisher : assouline

Language: : English

new in seal!