Roy, Xavier - l'ame cubaine new in plastic!

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Musical island par excellence, Cuba lives to the feverish rhythm of its musicians and poets. Young salsa dancers swing their hips in a dance hall, old Cubans - with straw hats screwed on their heads - dream of lost revolutionary songs, two lovers embrace on a totally smashed parapet on the Havana seafront ... Over the time spent in Cuba, the dreamlike landscapes with which he was imbued and the faces that offered themselves to him, the time of a smile or a dream, Xavier Roy seized real moments of life. Taken in the shade of decrepit arcades, in the heart of working-class neighborhoods or along improbable roads, his photographs reveal the extreme dignity of a complex and ultimately unrecognized people. From these images whose sensuality tinged with melancholy acts of resistance in the face of the strange atmosphere of dilapidation which hovers, emerges the very essence of the Cuban soul. An everyday poetry made up of emotions, fabulous stories and sometimes contradictory feelings, the explosive marriage of which constitutes the stuff of this unique country.


hardcover : 121 pages

ISBN-13 : 9782080113962

Dimensions :  24.5 x 32 x 1.5 cm

Publisher : Flammarion

Language: : French