Rheims, Bettina - ROSE C'EST PARIS RARE!

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Catalog of the exhibition presented at the National Library of France, Richelieu site, from April 8, 2010 to July 11, 2010 From Shanghai to Paris. "We have been thinking of working in Paris since our return from Shanghai, seven or eight years ago, but we did not want a documentary, sociological, ethnological Paris. (...) The idea then arose of an allegorical portrait of the city, very staged. We thought we had to invent a fiction, and that the story itself would contribute to the allegory. Hence the desire for a new form of narration, between painting and cinema. "Fantômas." Our project owes a lot to chance. I was watching a thematic evening on Arte one evening devoted to Fantômas, and I discovered, fascinated, the extravagant existence of its two authors, Souvestre and Alain. Carried away by success, they wrote with four hands, in a sort of creative delirium, thirty-six novels of thirty thousand lines, between 1911 and 1913! They lived in the same building in Montmartre, the first to the fourth, the second on the fifth floor. The obligation to act quickly, the arbitrary division of work, chapters which are even to one and odd to the other, the material impossibility of rereading each other, this is how they invented, on a breathtaking background, violent and confusing adventures. , enigmatic, hallucinating, of Fantômas. The impact Fantômas had on the general public in pre-war France, and then on the Surrealists, was enormous. With Fantômas, "the master of time", "absolute evil", we touched on a radical upheaval of the established order. Thanks to him, we left the classic Paris of soap operas and poets for a brutal, mythological Paris, dug underground, populated by obscure characters, a Paris of crimes, dramas, shady places, which shook the conscience. Magritte said he found his way through Fantômas. His first paintings, like the Aubade canvas in Fantômas, are all tributes to the monstrous creature of Souvestre and Alain.


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