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An insight in the mysterious imagery of controversial artist Sanne Sannes                                                                                 This monograph features Sannes' intriguing selection of mysterious, erotic and often experimental black and white photographs
Sanne Sannes was the "agent provocateur" of the Dutch photography scene in the 1960s. His grainy, black and white, intimate and erotic portraits of women, who he photographed in intense and ecstatic sessions, went against all the traditional rules of photography. Sannes was not afraid to experiment with photographic techniques and styles; everything was allowed in order to achieve the required result.
Sannes was tragically killed in a car accident just days after he turned 30, but in his short life he created one of the most impressive photographic oeuvres of the 20th century.
This monograph is the most complete overview of the work of Sanne Sannes that has been published, having been initiated by Johan ten Berg, Rob Sannes, the brother of Sannes, Gerrit Jan Wolffensperger, the former assistant of Sannes, and Roy Kahmann.
The Dutch photographer Sanne Sannes (Groningen, 1937-1967) is known for his black and white photographs which often contains big film grains. He experimented with fast shutter speeds and his work is full of erotic and mysterious portraits of women. Sannes was an elusive personality, just like his works.


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