Spaulding, Pam - AN AMERICAN FAMILY Three Decades with the McGarveys

€ 29,50

Photojournalist Pam Spaulding began her photography immediately after the birth of the couple's first baby and ended with the wedding of the second of their three children. The result is a rare and deep photographic story, the richest photographic book ever done on a single family. Pam succeeded in photographing everything from the death of a loved dog, to daughter Sarah buying her first bra, to the Dad putting together an aircraft carrier the night before Christmas, kids fighting in the back seat of the family car, vacations in Disney World and the Grand Canyon - love, humour, intimacy, tragedy, loyalty - it's all here. Pam became a fly on the wall, part of the McGarvey family (Aunt Pam they call her).


hardcover : 219 pages

Dimensions : 26 x 21 x 2  cm

Publisher : Focal Point

Language: : English

isbn : 9781426205040