Salomon, Erich; Hunter, Peter - Foto's 1933-1940

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The legendary Dr. Erich Salomon is known as the founder of modern parliamentary photography; in England in 1928 the term candid photography was introduced as a result of Salomon's photographs. His son Peter Hunter, a less famous but equally gifted photographer, devoted his life to collecting, preserving and publicizing the oeuvre of his father, who was so tragically murdered in 1944. Erich Salomon, emigrant in Holland, photos 1933-1940 / Peter Hunter, emigrant in London, photos 1935-1940 is the full title of this book, which tells the life story of both photographers, but also shows photos that bear witness to world events at the eve of one of the most chilling episodes in history.


hardcover : 175 pages

Dimensions :  25 x 28.5 x 1.5  cm

Publisher :  Focus

Language: : Dutch / English

isbn : 9789072216496 

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