Salas, Osvaldo , Salas, Roberto - Cuba de Fidel : les images inédites d'une révolution

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Cuba by Fidel: unpublished images of a revolution is, at a distance of forty years, a new biographical approach to Fidel Castro's victory, enriched with black and white portraits of particular seduction. Characters and events are captured through the lenses of Osvaldo and Roberto Salas, privileged photographers of Fidel, who unroll the fresco of the revolution, with a humanity and finesse never equaled to date, in any book on Cuba. More than a hundred photos - most of them unpublished in France - illustrate Fidel's trajectory, from his beginnings, where, still hairless, he raised funds in Manhattan to support the revolutionary movement, until the famous day when he took the head of the revolt with Che Guevara, in the jagged mountains of the Sierra Maestra. Apocalyptic footage shows the Bay of Pigs invasion; We also frame Hemingway and Fidel during their only meeting, or the proud faces of Cubans, working all day in the sugar cane fields or in the factories. The objective surprises them during the ecstatic trances of the Santiera rituals and in the nocturnal music festivals, which feverishly take over the streets of Havana. The legends of these exceptional documents are based on the unwavering memory of Roberto Salas, leading the reader in the wake of the revolutionaries, along the menacing parades of the Sierra Maestra, at the back of back rooms with Fidel and Che enveloped in cigar smoke, or during a particularly heated session at the United Nations Assembly.


hardcover : 178 pages

Dimensions : 24 x 30 x 1.5 cm

Publisher : GREMESE

Language: : French

isbn : 9788873014164