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Born in 1933, Jeanloup Sieff began photography almost by accident: he wanted to make cinema. Luckily for us, entry to IDHEC was postponed for a year during which he went to study photography in Vevey. Very quickly engaged in Elle magazine (1955), he then joined the Magnum agency (1958), then, impatient, left for New York. From then on there ensued a collaboration with the most prestigious magazines (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Nova ...) which opened the doors to fashion, nude, portraits, landscape. Commissioned photography never ceases to be an alibi for taking pictures that "he would have taken anyway." Jeanloup had been working for many years on the project of a book entitled La terre se souvient in homage to Georges Perec's Je me souviens.


softcover : 93 pages

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Language: : French

isbn : 9782234055575