Szarkowski, John - L'CEIL DU PHOTOGRAPHE

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Whether Americans realize it or not, the way he sees photography has become ours ”(speaking of Szarkowski) - US News & World Report John Szarkowski, a benchmark work in the history of photography, is available to the French public for the first time. what they are. He is interested in photographic style and tradition, in the possibilities open to the photographer in the exercise of his work. The invention of photography enabled a radically new process of image production - a process based no longer on synthesis, but on selection. The difference is fundamental. Paintings are made - constructed from an arsenal of traditional patterns, skills and behaviors - while photographs, as it is commonly said, are taken. This difference raised a creative problem of a new kind: How do you get this mechanical, soulless process to produce images that make sense in human terms - images with clarity and coherence that denote a point of view? The Eye of the Photographer, founded on a 1964 exhibition and published in 1966, is an excellent introduction to the art of photography. It brings together works by undisputed masters alongside those of unknown photographers, allowing to precisely define the visual language of the artist photographer and revealing the exceptional potential of this medium. These photographs are classified into five sections, each of which relates more particularly to one of the five decisive choices which are imposed on the artist whose tool is a camera: the thing in itself, the detail. , the framing, the time, the point of view.



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