Schreiber, Martin Hugo Maximilian - MADONA NUDES 1979

€ 39,00

From the foreword: `On 12 February, 1979, a quiet, shy young woman walked into my studio for the first time. She was the nude model for my photography class that evening. She said that she was a dancer, her name was Madonna Ciccone. She was not only a welcome relief from the average lumpy, but sweet, art-class model, but she was also one of the loveliest models I ever photographed. This book is a celebration of the human form, a dedication to an innocent, determined young woman and to all figure models. It is a tribute to Madonna and anyone like her who aspires and through ambition, hard work and perseverance, achieves their goal. Bravo.`


hardcover : 56 pages

Dimensions : 27.5 x 27.5 x 1 cm

Publisher : TASHEN

Language: : English

isbn : 9783894500832