Schilte & Portielje - PHOTOWORKS BEYOND REALITY Volume 2 new in seal

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Schilte & Portielje - PHOTOWORKS BEYOND REALITY Volume 2 new in seal

Schilte & Portielje live and work in Rotterdam and are primarily known for their photography of series of unusual and very recognisable figurines. They display an intricate way of playing with and relating to each other: fantastic poetic, dreamlike figures who abduct the spectator into the artists world of wonders and miracles. The figures approach in the middle of a nondescript, plain, undefined room. They offer frontal and back views and grotesquely contorted bodies. 

The game lives of abstraction. How do huge feet go with a delicate body? Which intricacies are woven into the mesh of physical abnormalities? How do these bodies relate to the pieces of furniture that have been added to the decor for the characters to hold onto or lean against? It is the full intention of the artists not to give a satisfactory answer to these questions, they willingly create confusion and force the spectator to focus more intensely.

Since 1994, Huub Schilte (1953) and Jacqueline Portielje (1958) have been exploring the rich possibilities of the computer as an artistic medium. The computer is both their photographic darkroom as well as a tool for drawing and painting. Schilte & Portielje constantly push the boundaries between fantasy and reality, giving their work a certain surreal quality.

Hardcover : 160 pages

Dimensions : 15 x 22 x 2.5 cm

Publisher : Voetnoot

Language: : English

isbn : 978-9078068839