Stankowski, Anton - Fotografie

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Stankowski's photos tell the story of objects. They tell it in the aesthetics of the “bound gaze” in haptic close-up view, in their material qualities “ready to grab” in standardized repetition as the equivalent of the production process, in didactic communication of their way from manufacture to the consumer, in the transparency of the work processes and the calculation .

The world of things appears in these pictures,
depending on the task, in fine gradations of gray effects and surface texture, light and shadow contrasts, unusual, striking details, top and bottom views, in extreme perspectives, distortions or the sharp reproduction of isolated details.

Stankowski succeeded in motion studies that revolutionized car advertising; he worked with double exposures, mirrors, with montages and the photogram. It gave the “immense collection of goods” of the industrial world its contemporary face.



softcover : 152 pages

Dimensions : 23 x 31 x 1.5 cm

Publisher :  Hatje Cantz

Language: : German

isbn :  9783775703475 

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