Sannwald Daniel - PLUTO & CHARON

R A R E !
€ 95,00

Pluto and Charon is a first collection of the work of the promising, young German photographer Daniel Sannwald. His surrealistic and almost cinematographic images embrace art and fashion and complement one another. They are unique, sometimes futuristic, then even retro, but always refreshing, punctured with mystery and humour.

First book by the young German fashion photographer Daniel Sannwald, who after his studies in Antwerp was picked up by the international fashion circuit, which led to assignments for, among others, Vogue Homme and Nike. The book begins with an English text section: an essay, a short story and a poem. All these texts are more or less about the cosmos, which is closely related to Sannwald's fantasy world. Then 75 images follow. After a section with mainly black-and-white work, a double page with mirror foil follows and a second part with more colorful work. Small and full-page images are mixed together in varying constellations. Sannwald gets his mustard from German Expressionism and Surrealism, as well as from Man Ray's contrived reductionism. In addition, he does not shy away from the use of photoshop, which results in digital collages that evoke a dream world of colorful city nomads and Egyptian sun gods. A tasteful, refreshing book for fashion and photography enthusiasts alike. At the back an overview of the photos, with the place of publication.


hardcover : 160 pages

Dimensions : 23 x 32 x 2 cm

Publisher : Ludion

Language: : English

isbn : 9789055448364