Scholten, Jan - Zwervend licht -- new in seal!

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Photographer Jan Scholten looks with the keen eyes of the experienced observer. For more than thirty years he has been roaming through nature almost daily, flawlessly feeling where and when something is about to happen. But that 'sixth sense' did not just come to him. In the process he has learned to see that looking and seeing are two completely different verbs. Learning to see things in nature takes a lot of time and patience. Years passed before Jan Scholten was able to estimate sufficiently what a certain situation in nature would look like in a photo. He often waited for hours for the light to do as he expected it to, for the shadow to fall where it wanted it, for a movement to crystallize as he wished, for the sun to burn a grandiose hole in the morning mists. , that the water glittered in a sudden, unruly movement, that the tree clothed itself in a cloth of winter hoarfrost...
In this book. Wandering light, Jan Scholten brings together experience and artistry in all its fullness, so that not only a feast for the eye has arisen, but also a landscape monument, which betrays the love and respect for nature of this humble grand master.
The book does have something of a broad and beautifully illuminated calendar. Beginning in winter, whose hardness, but also enchanting moments, the photographer shows, we arrive, through the threat of the March showers, at the endearing early spring greenery. From the fullness of summer we finally arrive at the richness of colors of the autumnal consummation.


softcover : 118 pages

Dimensions : 22.5 x 22.5 x 1 cm

Publisher :Kempen uitgevers

Language: : Dutch

isbn :  9789066571129