Steiner, André - L'homme Curieux new in seal!

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André Steiner is a great experimenter whose work escapes all classification. Is it his scientific training at the Polytechnic of Vienna, which arouses in this Hungarian of origin an insatiable curiosity? After engineering work (Institut Central des Rayons X in Vienne, Alsthom in Paris), from 1928 he began to work in Paris on photography in its most diverse facets. From research on the naked form to photographic abstraction, from experiments in a darkroom to application to different scientific disciplines (movement, matter, macro and micro photography ...) or even to advertising production, its field of exploration is vast but always marked by a style to the compositions as carriers of human feelings (emotion, pleasure, doubt ...). To complete his exploration, this decathlon champion at the 1928 World University Games became the specialist in the rendering of movement in sports photography. His plastic and aesthetic research made him join the family of those other experimenters of the twenties and thirties, Maurice Tabard, Roger Parry and Man Ray.


softcover : 130 pages

Dimensions : 21.5 x 27.5 1 cm

Publisher : Marval

Language: : French

isbn :  9782862342764