Stankowski, Anton - Fotografien Photos 1927-1962

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Over 40,000 negatives are contained in Stankowski’s photo archive. The spectrum ranges from snapshots to experimental photos, from documentary images to photomontages. He did not prefer one kind of photo to another; eating utensils were as important to him as the street scenes in front of his apartment building or one of his self-portraits. Many of the motifs were created for use in advertising, yet their unique language of form is evidence of Stankowski’s experimental methods of photography and his eager visual curiosity, which drove him to create a kind of inventory of objects of this world. Stankowski began his task of photographing his environment quite early on. As a student of Max Burchartz at the Folkwangschule in Essen, he participated in a 1929 international exhibition in Stuttgart, put on by the Deutscher Werkbund and devoted to the theme, “Film and Photography.” In the same year, he went to Zurich and set up a photography studio at Max Dalang’s advertising agency. He linked typography and photography to become a pioneer of “photo-graphics.” Today, his photographs can be seen in museums around the world.


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