Schwarzkogler, Rudolf - Aktionsfotografie peter coeln

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Part of Viennese Actionism with Hermann Nitsch, Otto Müehl, and Günter Brus, Rudolf Schwarzkogler developed performances that aimed to free suppressed wants and create a cleansing experience through actions that destroyed traditional norms. He developed six actions, five of which were staged primarily for the camera. Photographed only in black and white, these actions show intense aesthetic directness consisting of a spare white background, recurring props and ideas such as white gauze wrapped around a male body, and precise compositions of his models. Influenced by Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Yves Klein, and Arnulf Rainer, Schwarzkogler used the body as an artistic tool for mental analysis. Noted for their formal arrangements, clinical environment, and ambiguous symbolism, works such as 6 Aktion (6th Action) (1966) vaguely suggest suffering, restoration, and physical exposure as emblems for pain. Schwarzkogler studied at die Graphische in Vienna.


hardcover : 64 pages

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Publisher : peter coeln

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