Steele-Perkins, Chris - TOKYO LOVE HELLO

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When I started photographing in Tokyo, my core subjects were elsewhere: in the developing world. And of course in my homeland, England.

Things changed when I met my wife, Miyako Yamada. I now had a compelling reason for being in Japan.

I started with a large project on Mount Fuji; later, when I brought my other Japanese material together, some images emerged, insisting on my attention, in a manner that felt like the beginnings of a book.

This process had a strong echo of what happened with an earlier book, The Pleasure Principle.

The book is about Tokyo, my Tokyo.


hardcover : 222 pages

Dimensions : 25.5 x 17.5 x 2  cm

Publisher : Editions Intervalles

Language: : Englisch / French

isbn : 9782916355054