testino. Mario - ça vois gene?

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A great thrill: this is what the unpublished images of Ca embarrasses you? ... And an unprecedented vision of the world where evolves, with a rare talent, the fashion photographer Ma rio Testino. In his first book, celebrities let themselves be stared at where we least expected them, beauties offer their bodies against the backdrop of natural and urban landscapes quivering with sensuality, in the company of close friends and fascinating strangers, all with a sense of humor and a taste for the absurd which give the whole its coherence. Diary and personal commentary at the same time, Does it bother you? conceals all the variety of universes from which Mario Testino draws his artistic inspiration: in fashion and the slums, in the natural and the artificial, in my learned and popular culture. Provocative and daring without ever ceasing to entertain, these images, whether they embarrass or not, prove to be irresistible.


softcover : 127 pages

Dimensions : 19 x 27 x 2 cm

Publisher : Phaidon

Language: : French

isbn : ‎ 9781883318055

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