Voeten, Teun - a Ticket to

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"A Ticket To" is the first photo book of war photographer and anthropologist Teun Voeten. The book is focused on 5 war zones: Bosnia, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Sudan, and Sierra Leone. In strong black and white photos, Voeten manages to find a balance between form and content, Voeten paints a dark picture of some of the most horrible conflicts of the early nineties of last century. In his sarcastic essay 'Neo-Vulturism in Contemporary Documentary Photography', Voeten analysis the role of the war photographer in current conflicts. Admired by some, despised by others, balancing a tight rope between voyeurism and sensationalism, he concludes that however all the contradictions and moral juxtapositions inherent in war reporting, it remains an important job. 'We are hard working and patient clerks, merely making an inventory of all possible sufferering. Ungrateful monkish work indeed, since he Encyclopedia of La Misère du Monde requires continously supplements, updates that future generations will uneasily skim through and lay aside', Voeten writes in his trade mark tongue in cheek style. 'A Ticket To' has an introduction by Culture Philosopher and Sociologist Prof. Dr. Henri Beunders.


hardcover : 48 pages

Dimensions : 32.5 x 25.5 x 1 cm

Publisher : Centrum Beeldende Kunst

Language: : English

isbn : 9789027815477