Verhoeff, Bert - NL

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In the Netherlands, Bert Verhoeff goes in search of the Dutch peculiarities, for what makes 'us' slightly different from, say, a Frenchman. The concept of 'national identity' inevitably comes into play here. However, Bert Verhoeff looks with an open mind at 'the' Dutchman. His Netherlands is a richly varied country that is constantly changing. Nl is a thick book in which a range of subjects is discussed. From Dutch parties, the Zuidas, rituals, the consultation culture and the bicycle to open curtains, the hedges in Het Gooi, club life and the birthday of Jan de Jong (the most common name in the Netherlands). A book in the typical Bert Verhoeff style: photos with an unerring sense of the right moment, often anecdotal and with a great sense of humor. The NL includes text contributions by publicists - including Huub van der Lubbe and sociologist Abraham de Swaan - who add something to the photos from their profession. NL provides a fantastic, moving picture of a rapidly changing society, a future classic. Bert Verhoeff used to be a photojournalist, mainly for de Volkskrant and other newspapers and magazines. In recent years he has mainly worked on longer-term projects such as photo books and exhibitions. Well-known books by him include Along the IJsselmeer, Kuiven & kraken, Bij ons in Het Gooi and Kiss me again. He is winner of a Silver Camera and Photojournalist of the Year.


hardcover : 496 pages

Dimensions : 17.5 x 23 x 5 cm

Publisher : Lecturis

Language: : Dutch

isbn :9789462260375