Vassilev, Jacko - BULGARES new in seal

€ 35,00

With this first book devoted to Jacko Vassilev, lactobacillus bulgarius, roses and umbrellas are now relegated to the accessories of an anecdotal bric-a-brac past the season. (...) The characters of Vassilev beat the countryside, both literally and figuratively. Miserable or mentally handicapped peasants, they are the truly damned of the earth, outcasts in the goal of another outcast, once imprisoned for trying to break through the Iron Curtain. Whether it is attached to the vanquished of life or to the victims of communism, this gallery of portraits constitutes both a Human Tragedy and an overwhelming attempt to save from nothingness existences which have almost disappeared in the linings of space and of the world. time.


hardcover : 96  pages

Dimensions : 25 x 32.5 x 1 cm

Publisher : Contrejour,

Language: : French

isbn : 9782859491598