Vanfleteren, Stephan - Charleroi: il est clair que le gris est noir, mais Charleroi sera blanc, un jour --- new in seal!

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Impressive visual testament to a city in transition: hard on Charleroi, soft on its inhabitants In recent years, Stephan Vanfleteren has wandered for days in 'le pays noir'. The photographer has a love-hate relationship with the industrial city on the Sambre, where the coal mines have long been closed and where the waning steel industry is cracking under the global crisis. Sometimes Vanfleteren is shocked by the poverty, crime and degeneration, but on the other hand he is often moved by the solidarity, openness and hospitality of the Carolos. Charleroi, c'est clair que le gris est noir is not only a visual testament to a city in decline but also the personal record of impressions, musings and thoughts of a man who looks, listens and writes about the black ghost of a gray city


Hardcover : 256 pages

Dimensions : 17.5 x 24.5 x 3 cm

Publisher : Hannibal

Language: : French/Dutch

isbn : 9789492081414