Uféras, Gérard - l'étoffe de reves new in seal

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Preface by Christian Lacroix. Text by Sarah Mower. Gérard Uféras is a showman. in the photography category. For twelve years, he has been tirelessly frequenting the closed places where the magic of the stage is being prepared. It was in the golds and reds of European operas that he began to collect black and white images, worried and funny, mysterious and tender, infinitely composed and vibrant despite everything from the fragility of the artists. The backstage of fashion, from Paris to Milan, from London to New York, opened up their dazzling territory to him for two years. In the frenzy of "backstage", he continues his dream and testifies as a journalist of a world that he exalts as a visual artist. Member of the Rapho agency since 1993, it is in Paris, his hometown, that he most often puts his camera bag. To present L'Etoffe des rêve, as a tribute, Gérard Uféras has chosen two personalities, as essential and representative as they are complementary, of the universe in which this work took its source: Christian Lacroix, couturier who is no longer presented, and Sarah Mower, one of the great writers of fashion, former Harper's Bazaar, collaborator of Vogue (United States) and editor-in-chief of The Fashion. She lives in London with her family and travels the world of haute couture, all ready to wear an alert and amused stroke of the pen on the parades and their essential frivolities, gleefully carving the stuff of dreams with the scissors of reality.


Hardcover : 138 pages

Dimensions : 27.5 x 36.5 x 1.5 cm

Publisher : Collectionneur

Language: : French

isbn : 9782909450780