Vansevenant, Roger - FLASH-BACK -- rare!

R A R E !
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is the title of a beautiful photo book by photographer-painter Roger Vansevenant from Poperinge. The book was introduced by Johan Daisne. The poet Guyomar has also played a double role in this book; she is the model of the woman who comes to life in the photos and she also wrote the poetic short texts in between the photos. A photo book is like life itself; the artist follows the young woman's life in Flanders, in Spain, in America and naturally takes subjective images of her. He looks for beauty in the body and in the surrounding world, the landscape, the city, the people, the child in the woman. Vansevenant is an artist with light, and what is most striking in the 125 black-and-white photographs is that the sharp contrast between these most extreme color values ​​is handled and exploited in a very clever way, refined and inspired by the photographer. The interaction between these values, partly due to the attractive layout and the location of the photos, makes the whole a particularly well-maintained viewing book. It is not a pleasant book: the life on display here is hard and clean at the same time. It runs along lines of melancholy and urge to evasion to an end point that harbors hope and longing for the future. This happens with the writing of the light through the eye of the artist and camera that sometimes pays attention


Hardcover : 194 pages

Dimensions : 22 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm

Publisher :  Desclée De Brouwer

Language: : Dutch

isbn : 9789026408168