Vogt, Christian - Photedition 5

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Music Academy"; "Images 1982" series and "Onlookers" series. // ... Without wanting to name role models, the uncompromising artist in his precise photographic work, obsessed in his thinking and creative expressiveness and at the same time perfect craftsman, reminds us of great photographers who created works of immortal beauty. It has nothing to do with misunderstood pathos or with flattering prognostics if one claims today with honest conviction that Christian Vogt will one day be one of those who will find its way into the history of the still new art form, Some of his works are undoubtedly among the classics of new photography today. More apt than any inadequate attempt to capture and characterize Christion Vogt as a person in his universality, are the simple words of a great thinker: "The visible makes the form of a work - the invisible its value."


softcover : 35 pages

Dimensions : 26 x 32 x 0.5 cm

Publisher : Verlag Photographie

Language: : German

isbn : 9783723123003