Wilschut, Hans - Centraal

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Centraal shows eight years of photography with the theme of the construction of Rotterdam Central from a room in the Manhattan hotel. For eight years (2006-2014) photographer Hans Wilschut had a room in the five-star Manhattan hotel in the heart of Rotterdam. From this room on the 12th floor, he looked out at Stationsplein day and night. Not a moment looked the same. One day dozens of trucks with sand drove in and out, the next day the square could be quiet and deserted. Sometimes the rain beat against the sun-blind windows of his room, an hour later the square was bathed in the bright sunlight.

When the photographer started his project, the old Van Ravesteyn station was still there. After the 'shedding' and the inevitable but no less dramatic demolition, new - temporary - buildings suddenly appear on the screen. A set of silos to store nitrogen, a 'prawn cracker' to hide under from the travellers. From details are fascinating. Wilschut's 4 by 5 inch recordings seem irrevocable and definitive, but are as temporary as a day, a week, a month.



Hardcover : 152 pages

Dimensions : 33.5 x 24.5 x 2.5 cm

Publisher : Trichis Publishing

Language: : Dutch

isbn : 9789490608910 

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