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René Zuber (1902-1979), engineer from the Central School of Arts and Manufactures in Paris, spent two semesters in 1927 at the National Academy of Graphic Arts and Books in Leipzig. It was during this stay that he discovered the works of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy and Albert Renger-Patzsch and with it his vocation: “It was a book by the Neue Sachlichkeit. world and the everyday objects of our environment as they are, in their moving nudity, as if they came out of the hands of the creator (...) The title of this album, Die Welt ist schön, hit me right in the face. heart. For a long time I tried to free myself from aesthetic pathos, artistic vagueness and other shamelessness of feeling. one stroke that the world I lived in was beautiful, just because it was real. From then on, I was eager to bring back the proof. "


Hardcover : 136  pages

Dimensions : 21.5 x 27.5 x 1 cm

Publisher : Marval

Language: : French

isbn : 9782862343662 

new in seal