Jackson, Lauren - the Athens Dream

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The Athens Dream by Lauren Jackson. A Special edition of Black & White magazine. Signed by Lauren Jackson on the cover . The issue, entitled 'The Athens Dream', shows 35 of Australia's Olympic hopefuls posing nude for award-winning photographers. The Athens Dream stars 34 Male & Female Australian athletes from 16 Olympic sports, all artistically photographed. Leading the pack are the swimmers: world record holders Petria Thomas and Brooke Hanson, Olympic medalists Justin Norris, Michael Klim and Geoff Huegill, along with Brett Hawke and Felicity Galvez. World champion kayak rower Nathan Baggaley is photographed in the spectacular environs of Sydney Harbour. Long jumper Shermin Oksuz leaps over the sand dunes of Perth


softcover : 254 pages

Dimensions : 24 x 31 x 2 cm

Publisher : Black + White

Language: : English

isbn : 9780975191460

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