Bosch, Rem van den - A MUSE A DAY new in seal

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We have known the muse as a source of inspiration since classical antiquity. For a long time it has mainly been regarded as a passive subject that inspires the artist to create work. Rem van den Bosch returns in his photos to the original relationship: the artist who urges the muse to tell her own story. He went in search of the contemporary muse in 365 nude portraits. In 2015, he photographed a different inspiring woman every day. Strong or vulnerable, lively or shy: Van den Bosch wants to capture the reality of the contemporary muse. It doesn't matter if she's a ballerina in Amsterdam, a designer in Eindhoven or a grandmother in Groningen: he asks her to expose herself in her own environment, without glamour, so that the real feelings get a chance to come through .


softcover : 408 pages

Dimensions : 22x33x4cm

Publisher : Uitgeverij Lecturis B.V., 

Language: : English

isbn : 9789462262423 

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