Frederiks, Hans - Bewuster en beter Fotograferen met de NIKON D90 & D80

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Taking a digital photo in green mode (fully automatic) is like assembling an Ikea cabinet. Super easy and the result is not bad at all. But what to do if the cabinet has to be a little higher or a little narrower? Then the Allen key and a graphical step-by-step instruction are no longer sufficient. You will still need to have 'architectural' and creative qualities, as well as knowledge of materials and tools, to be able to realize this customization.
It is the same with a digital SLR camera such as the Nikon D90 or the D80. You did not buy this camera to take photos in the fully automatic machine. No, a Nikon only really shows its qualities when you take matters into your own hands and have full control over matters such as shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity, but also, for example, focus point and white balance. In this book you will learn to fully utilize the specific possibilities, operation and performance of the Nikon D90/D80 in addition to the general basics of photography. This publication is therefore not an extensive standard manual that only tells you the function of a button or menu option, but above all a book that goes into the underlying principles and explains when to apply them. In this way you do not learn tricks, but you gain knowledge and you can successfully complete every photo opportunity. And with the Nikon camera as a tool, you will certainly succeed


Hardcover : 254 pages

Dimensions : 20 x 28 x 3 cm

Publisher : Van Duuren Media

Language: :Dutch

isbn :9789059403970