Skerry, Brian; Hall Howard - Successful Underwater Photography

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From fundamental principles of photographing marine life to making a living selling underwater photographs, Successful Underwater Photography provides an unlimited wealth of practical advice, surefire strategies, and tested tips for taking extraordinary photos of elusive underwater subjects. Written by two top photographers who specialize in marine photography, this solid, lavishly illustrated field guide provides no-nonsense information on such topics as taking available-light photographs, silhouettes, marine wildlife portraits, close-focus wide angle photographs, and extension tube photographs to name just a few. Readers will also find proven guidance for purchasing underwater photographic equipment, taking photos of shipwrecks, and repairing and maintaining field equipment. Plus, 150 stunning, full-color photos demonstrate the authors successful techniques in action. For all aspiring underwater photographers who want to unlock the secrets of how top names in the field achieve spectacular results, Successful Underwater Photography is your definitive one-stop guide.


softcover : 144  pages

Dimensions : 21.5 x 26.5 x 1 cm

Publisher :  Amphoto Books

Language: : English

isbn : 9780817459277 

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