Boermans, Menno ; Redeker, Melvin - OOGHOOGTE

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Eye level To be able to successfully practice mountaineering, the most versatile of sports, a person demands the utmost of his body and mind. A climber goes to places where ordinary people have no business, but for that very reason there is a lot for him to find there. Climbing is a state of mind, a way of life. Whoever chooses it, only wants to go down to be able to go up again as soon as possible. In inhospitable places a man is completely on his own and his world focuses on the next deliberate step he must take. He forgets the hassle of everyday life and in this extreme situation comes into contact with the core of his personality. This not only broadens his view, but also the people and situations he encounters in his path and the organizational obstacles that must be overcome prior to climbing, which deepen his experiences. Menno Boermans and Melvin Redeker make their mountaineering practice even more versatile by expanding it with photography. With their images they visualize the all-encompassing experience that mountaineering can mean for a person from sea level to the highest peaks.


Hardcover : 207  pages

Dimensions : 25 x 33 x 2 cm

Publisher : Focus Publishing B.V

Language: : Dutch

isbn : 9789078811015 

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