Gabor, Mark - A Modest History Pin-Up

€ 9,00

Our ancestors had to put in a lot more effort than we did to look at strange nakedness. And have a lot more money and luck to find it. Because nudity was scarce and often, in the bargain and unfortunately, also quite chaste. Because the publisher who published completely naked ran a great risk of fines and a publication ban for harming public decency. Showing everything was the preserve of painters and the common man rarely, if ever, went to museums. Until after World War II, specialized photographers and draftsmen with pin-ups with naughty pictures in large-print magazines came to the rescue. Mark Gabor has followed the rise of the increasingly naked girls. They are depicted in black and white or color and impassionedly described. Hundreds of seductive and famous grannies and mothers of the celebrated porn stars that you can now call up on the internet at any time.
In short: a collector's item that is as precious as it is unique!


softcover : 223 pages

Dimensions : 22.5 x 30 x 2.5 cm

Publisher :  Pan Books

Language: : English

isbn : 9780330237611